Solasta Skin was built on the values + beliefs of our Founder, Jess. We are a brand that cares a lot, about a lot. These values have been summed up below in 5 guiding principles that are they very foundation of the brand: 

Supplier Ethics

Prior to launching Solasta Skin, we contacted a number of potential suppliers + requested detailed information on their relationships with their suppliers. All of our suppliers are either certified Fair Trade, Fair Wild or Fair for Life. This means, they pay their suppliers fairly + ensure they can do their job safely. Solasta Skin strongly believes in Fair Trade + their mission to tackle the exploitation of workers in developing countries. One example is the sugar + coffee grounds that you find in Solasta Skin body scrubs, which are certified Fair Trade + always will be.


Solasta Skin believes that no animals should be harmed or exploited, ever. You will never find any animal bi-products in any of Solasta Skin’s ingredient lists. Ever.

Cruelty Free

Solasta Skin is strictly against the use of animal testing. We are 100% cruelty free, from our final products all the way up the supply chain to our ingredients. We love animals + will never, ever test them. We test on our friends + sisters.

Organic Certification

All of oils, clays + flowers used in Solasta Skin products are from suppliers who are certified by the Soil Association. This means they are trusted to be as environmentally conscious + natural as possible. The Soil Association is the UK’s largest organic certification body.


Solasta Skin cares about protecting our earth from landfill + our oceans from plastic, for people, animals + our precious eco-system. Working towards 100% plastic free packaging, all bottles + jars are recyclable, re-useable glass. The limited amount of plastic in the packing is also 100% recyclable + reusable, including the re-moveable clear stickers. From our plastic free shipping boxes, plastic free tape + recycled eco-craft wrapping paper, Solasta Skin is always looking for new ways to reduce plastic. We don’t use palm oil in any of our ingredients + we never will.