Solasta Skin began as a dream on a vision board by Jess, a skin care lover with a passion for the planet.

Self-love is important, Solasta Skin products were designed for your skin + body care rituals. Jess wanted to formulate multi-purpose products which would allow us to incorporate self-care into our lives, even with our busy schedules.

She enrolled on a Diploma in Organic Skin Care Formulation where she learned how to safely + compliantly formulate her own skin care products. She also studied skin anatomy + physiology, cosmetic toxicology + cosmetic compliance. Solasta Skin Coffee + Orange Body Scrub was launched in November 2019 + the brand was born. (To this date, it is still the best seller.)

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Solasta Skin products are hand made with a number of healing plant oils, earth grown exfoliants + nutrient dense fruit extracts. Each + every product is made + packaged by Jess with great care + love.

Our world moves fast, too fast sometimes. Whether you want a healing bath soak, or to exfoliate + nourish your skin with scrubs + restorative oils, slow down with Solasta Skin.