The First Journal

To my wonderful Solasta Skin Community,

Welcome to my first Journals By Jess entry! I have been cultivating and day dreaming about these newsletters for sometime now, exploring ideas and ways in which I can connect with you all a little closer and hopefully bring you some more value alongside the Solasta Skin products.

Right now I am sitting in our conservatory as I type this (alongside Sheriff,  of course) and admittedly proud of myself for finally putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). After a week of sunshine, the rain has arrived, although I don't find myself complaining as the sound of the rain on the conservatory roof is one of my favourites, and I planted grass seeds a few days ago which makes me appreciate the rainy day. Isn't it nice when we are able to find positivity in an experience that we would usually believe to be negative?

Anyway, what to expect from these journals? I will be sharing some Solasta Skin behind the scenes, educational content on natural skin care and wellness along and some voices of the Solasta Skin community including stockists and people who inspire me. At the end of each month I will also be sharing a round up of some of my personal recommendations - what I've been eating and listening to, how I have been moving my body and practicing self care. Since we are now reaching the end of April, this seems like the perfect journal to share the first of these monthly round ups, (However I am sure by the end of May they will be named something a little more creative that 'round ups')...

What I am Listening To (Podcasts):

My favourite episode of late is 'Igniting Creativity' on Pulling The Thread by Elise Loehnen featuring Ozan Varol. Feeling stuck in a creative rut? Have an idea but not sure how to bring it to life? This ones for you! Click here for Apple and here for Spotify.

What I am Meditating With (Music):
A new artist for me discovered on a meditation playlist is EIRLYS. Very mystical and ethereal. I often meditate to Cave Light in particular but love every song (and I have listened to them all). A very beautiful Savasana track I have discovered by incorporating the song into my weekly yoga class I teach. You can listen to Cave Light here.
What I am Eating:
Cacao Cashew Chews by goop. I can't get enough of these, think plant-based, nutritious chocolate truffle. I have been substituting the cashew butter for peanut butter and been making a batch every week for a over a month now!
What Is Supporting Me:
Habit Tracker App! As my days continue to busy themselves, this app helps me ensure I am still making time for wellness and also holds me accountable. Examples of habits I track (12 in total) are drinking water, tongue scraping, red light facial mask and learning. Totally customisable and very motivation. My husband recently shared with me a podcast he was listening to which explores the dopamine produced by completing tasks, and this is a great way to keep yourself motivated. Download for Apple here. 
How I have been Enjoying Solasta Skin:
The days seem to be warmer but we are still feeling a slight chill in the morning and evening air here in the countryside. And for that reason, I love the Gingerbread Body Scrub during this time of year. It gives a gentle warming sensation when applied to the skin. The combination of the relaxing heat with the comforting scents of ginger and cinnamon is like a warm hug. Shop here for cosy, nourished, smooth skin.
I think I will leave it there for today, but similar to my brand, these journals may evolve and flow differently as I continue writing. I will share journals via email, so please ensure Solasta Skin is marked as a safe sender! They will also be available on the website, so you can revisit at anytime. Please do share any feedback and thoughts by replying to this email, believe me when I say, I really do love hearing from you all. Similarly, if you have any ideas for collaboration, or a story, do reach out!
Thank you for reading Journals By Jess this far, time to face to rain and walk Sheriff. 
Forever grateful, 


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